Apple Plots Reboot Of iTunes for Web -

ITunes is also facing pressure from competing services that allow users to listen to "streaming" music either cheaply or free on computers or portable, Internet-connected devices like the iPhone or iPod touch.

No kidding... I really like the the Lala website for streaming music but the LaLa Music Mover keeps choking on my > 11,000 music files I'm trying to sync with the service. I'm thinking there needs to be some major investment in infrastructure at LaLa.

Eddie Van Halen Recovering After Hand Surgery : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

Hand surgery for a guitarist is extremely frightening...
"...During the last leg of our tour, I started developing pain in my thumb and my pinky. I didn’t think much of it at the time,” the guitarist says. “It got progressively worse to the point that about three months ago I wasn’t able to play at all. My pinky and my thumb were totally locked up and felt like there was something broken..."