Gas Below $3, Back to the Big Iron!

Eyes on the Road -
"Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Atlanta has about 120 leftover 2008 model trucks and SUVs to sell. Normally by Halloween, it would have almost none of last year's models lurking on the lot.

That's the bad news. The good news is that buyers are starting to come out of their fallout shelters and take a look at the deals, now that gas is back below $3 a gallon and desperate manufacturers are piling on discounts.

'The last two weeks, our truck activity has picked up,' says Mark Frost, the dealership's general manager. The dealership is promoting big discounts – as much $12,000 off a Chevy Tahoe sport-utility vehicle – and telling business owners that thanks to the economic-stimulus bill Congress passed earlier this year, they may qualify for big tax breaks on vehicles purchased for commercial use.

Even if you bought a regular Tahoe, the huge discounts on offer would offset the difference in refueling costs for about 9 years, at current gas prices."