Road Warrior Gear

I have a 17" laptop which I've been carying around in a targus bag that's not much good for anything else except a few papers. It's been hard to find a useful case or backpack for a 17 incher, so I also sling an old "JavaOne" conference bag over my shoulder with all of my gadgets, accessories and notebooks. 

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Orlando for a conference and dreaded lugging both along with my Travelpro Rollerboard. So... on the off chance I would find something suitable, I stopped by the local staples today. Wouldn't you know it, after picking through all the piled luggage, I found the perfect backpack that would hold my HP Pavilion 17" Laptop. The backpack was a Pegasus from Wenger . I love the Swiss Army stuff. This is the first time I've found one of their backpacks that was big enough. It holds the laptop nicely along with my LinkSys travel WiFi router, Kindle eBook, several notebooks, iPod Video, Pulse SmartPen, Sudoku Books, flashlight, along with assorted cables and accessories.  Perfect!

While I was at it I figured I pickup a travel mouse and noise canceling ear buds. The Logitech VX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse is nice and compact, with a compartment to slide the USB dongle inside when not in use. When you pop out the dongle, the VX automatically turns on. Nice! I also purchased the Sony Mdrnc22 Noise Canceling Headphones . The sound quality was excellent, but I won't be able to tell how well the noise cancellation works till I get on the plane, but they did come with a special airline adapter so that I can plug them right into my seat if I plan to partake of the airline entertainment. I'll update this entry once I land.