The Red Tele Is Done!

Well actually it's been done for weeks, but this the first I've had a chance to take some pictures to post.  As you recall I picked up an American Standard Telecaster to be my FrankenTele....  I lucked out and found a beautiful one that played and sounded great.  I almost didn't want to toy with it, but I did.  You can see my short troubles with the first whammy bar here.  You can see the work order to my tech for all the requested mods here.  I did have a little trouble at first.  The P90 magnetics were not aligned the same as my Tele so there was nasty phase cancellation.  Lollar modified a set of P90's so that they would the rest of the pickups in my Tele and it sounds great.   So here are the pictures of the finished FrankenTele.   I took it with me to my labor day gig and couldn't be happier with how it played and sounded.  I'm really loving the Bigsby B5.  If your wondering about the weird bar attached to the Bigsby, it's a Chet Atkins Bigsby arm that I swapped in from Guitar Parts Resource.   The stock arm fell right across my volume  and tone knobs.  I found that when I installed the Chet Atkins bar and reversed the "kink" in it up instead of down, how Chet used it, the new bar felt comfortable and fell in a perfect spot.  Enjoy the pictures... Hopefully I'll get some time in the future to post some sound samples of the P90 in this configuration.