Updated: What's wrong with this Strat? #BestBuy

Found this at Best Buy.  Yes,  Best Buy added a musical instrument section to their stores... This is a picture of an American deluxe Strat from the princeton store on rte 1. I was just passing through when I saw it, the price seemed cheap. American deluxes now go for almost $2k list, but even on sale the American standards are more than this amber beauty.
The problem with bestbuy is their people know squat about instruments. The salesperson had no clue why this American deluxe was so much cheaper than the others on the wall (or online)... I had my suspicions, so I tried it out. I was right... It was a leftover before they did the latest redesigns and price increase. The guitar is a looker but doesn't sound or play nearly as well as the new american standards, let alone the deluxes.