Hmm... Remind you of anything? USAF Drone Simulation...

Yesterday there was a story all over the media (and Social Media) about "Air Force AI Drone Goes Rogue, Kills Its Human Operator in Simulated Test".   Definitely a cautionary story of the dangers of unchecked AI, reminiscent of many of Isaac Asimov's stories based on the "Laws of Robotics"...   I think there needs to be an equivalent of the FDA for AI.

Now the  "US Air Force denies AI drone attacked operator in test".    I laughed immediately upon reading this as it reminded me of  the Roswell Incident.   Not that I believe either is true or not, just immediately resonated in my brain.   What are your thoughts?

Tim Lerch - How Did I Not Know This Guy?

I regularly watch "That Pedal Show".  Recently, they had an episode titled "Amazing Chord-Melody Guitar Playing & Tone With Tim Lerch". I had never heard of Tim Lerch, but enjoy chord-melody guitar and watched it.    It turns out that Tim is an excellent guitar player and musician.  He is also a great teacher.   Although the episode was very long, over 1 and 1/2 hours, Tim delivered some good insights and great playing.    I made a few notes below.   It is worth a watch at the link above.

Music/Guitar Quotes

Learn, Practice, Play -

  • Learn a small thing and learn it well. Don’t learn too much of it. Take small bites and chew them well
  • Practice the thing you learned enough and efficiently so that you can actually use it in a musical and improvisational capacity

“It can take 2 hours of practice to get 10 minutes of beautiful music”

  • Play This is the performance, where you actually play the music. You turn back into a musician. You’re not a student anymore, you’re playing!

You need to balance all three. Also, each has a different mindset: - Alert/Focused mind - learn without mistakes. The mind is very alert, judgemental, very articulate and we want to do it right. Slowly in a controled environment. The mind rules the roost - Relaxed Mind - this is during repetition - - Almost nothing

’If you have to give up one thing, give up the learning… and focus on the practice and always do the playing.

Always remind yourself you are a musician!

- Tim Lerch